Health News

Warning on benzocaine in infants and children, common in teething products  link

Severe atopic eczema linked to increased cardiovascular risk  link

Potential for weight gain from antidepressants  link

S100B as a biomarker for mild traumatic brain injury in children may be useful as part of initial assessment and lower CT radiation link

Ebola outbreak in DRC  link

Eggs and Nutrition – the circus continues. They’re good for you this week – just enjoy and don’t read any more studies  link

Despite the new formulation of the nasal spray flu vaccine, AAP still recommends flu shot  link

IBD, specifically Ulcerative Colitis may increase later risk of Parkinson’s  link

FDA approves Aimovig monthly injection for migraine, a monoclonal antibody that studies so far have only shown to be better than placebo link


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