Weekly Medical News

Alcohol even in ‘safe’ doses linked to hypertension  link

Documented penicillin allergy associated with an increased risk of MRSA and C difficile that was mediated by the increased use of β lactam alternative antibiotics. False penicillin allergy is an epidemic!  link

Hormonal men? nonobese men with migraine exhibited increased levels of the sex hormone estradiol  link

Heat stable Carbetocin (not needing refrigeration) equivalent to Oxytocin in preventing hemorrhage after vaginal birth link

Continuity of care with same doctor is important and even lowers mortality  link

Will Amazon soon sell prescription drugs?  link

Losing nails from fish pedicure! (Or is it just high heels?!)  link

Apixaban for AFib was found to be the safest drug, with reduced risks of major, intracranial, and gastrointestinal bleeding compared with warfarin. Rivaroxaban and low dose apixaban were, however, associated with increased risks of all cause mortality compared with warfarin, unclear reasons  link

Alcohol shrinks your brain!  link

Dozens die from heat wave in Quebec province (they are probably better at recording it as such than other provinces)   link

Drink coffee. It may help you live longer!  link

Purdue suspends their opioid marketing in Canada. Such a caring company…  link

The FDA employs the best physician advisors that Big Pharma can buy   link

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