Buprenorphine Peri-Operatively

A review on managing Buprenorphine in the perioperative period notes the disparate views and protocols in use ranging from continuing it to weaning off and replacing with full agonists. The overall conclusion is that the ‘main impetus for discontinuation, i.e., inadequate pain management, may be based on expert opinion and not on the existing evidence’…”no evidence against continuing buprenorphine perioperatively, especially when the dose is < 16 mg SL daily.

The authors recommend that future studies require standardized reporting of median doses, details on the route of delivery, dosing schedules and any dosing changes, and rates of addiction relapse, including long-term morbidity and mortality where possible”.

Consultation with the prescribing expert in substance use would seem highly advisable when such patients present to us to balance the probable greater need for analgesics with safety and relapse potential.



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