Medical and Health News Weekly

Children still receive inadequate pain relief link

There are economic consequences for patients and families after cardiac and stroke events in terms of loss of employment and earnings link

GoFundMe crowdfunding is going to bogus and useless alternative treatments link

Genetic testing popularity now extends to individualized diet and weight loss – totally unproven use for such tests link

Draft of upcoming Canadian Food Guide to emphasize fruits, vegetables and whole grains, include plant-based protein, and upset the meat, dairy, processed food and beverage industry link

After decades of progress, US seeing a dramatic rise in sexually transmitted infections link

Transdermal treatment was the safest type of hormone replacement therapy when risk of venous thromboembolism was assessed link

Common medications like statins, calcium channel blockers and biguanides associated with reduced psychiatric hospitalization in those with mental illness, not necessarily causal link

Eat at least 25-30g fibre daily to decrease cardiovascular, diabetic, hypertensive diseases, cholesterol, cancers…but not much to recommend low-carb link

Influenza taking a serious toll on children link

Drug overdose deaths from prescription and illicit drugs in middle aged women sharply increasing link

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