Surviving Sepsis Update 2019

Another update on the Surviving Sepsis Campaign. Stemming from experts’ concerns about excessive fluid administration and rushing the diagnosis, the update acknowledges more time may be needed to establish a definitive diagnosis, while still stressing the urgency of sepsis treatment. And it also advises vasopressors may be started concurrently with fluid for hypotension:

Surviving Sepsis Campaign Hour-1 Bundle of Care Elements:

  • Measure lactate level*  
  • Obtain blood cultures before administering antibiotics.
  • Administer broad-spectrum antibiotics.
  • Begin rapid administration of 30mL/kg crystalloid for hypotension or lactate level ≥ 4 ​mmol/L.
  • Apply vasopressors if hypotensive during or after fluid resuscitation to maintain MAP ≥ 65 mm Hg.

* Remeasure lactate if initial lactate is elevated (> 2 mmol/L).



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