Delays in CPR and Outcome

The basic message of this study is delay in starting CPR, as well as delay in subsequent Defibrillation or Epinephrine administration worsens prognosis. Witnessed, index cases of cardiac arrest from the Get With The Guidelines– Resuscitation Database occurring between 2000 and 2008 in 538 hospitals were included in this analysis.

Some novel nuances include: delay in CPR led to lower survival even if total time to defibrillation or Epinephrine was the same from cardiac arrest. But delays in defibrillation or Epinephrine after CPR initiation also worsened outcome.

5.7% (3,283 of 57,312) of patients did not have instantaneous initiation of CPR upon determination of a pulseless cardiac arrest. There is a need to determine how these figures can be improved.


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