Medical and Health News Weekly

Delayed antibiotics for UTIs in the elderly increases blood stream infection and mortality link

Robotic surgery warning – not approved for cancer surgery link

Combining Aspirin and anticoagulants increases bleeding risk; many taking Aspirin for no clear indication link

Stem cell transplant patient ‘free’ of HIV; too early to say ‘cured’ link

A Danish study looks at MMR vaccination in nearly 700,000 kids, including so-called susceptible ones – there is no link to autism! link

Professional soccer players are twice as likely to develop ALS and 2 decades earlier link

Amid criticism, Eli Lilly to sell cheaper generic Humalog Insulin in US only – for a mere US$137 per vial (while Canadians complain of having to pay $25!) link

Post menopausal systemic hormone replacement linked to slightly higher Alzheimer’s risk (but not with vaginal estradiol). Previous studies show its safe when begun early and in those less than 60. Case control study that shouldn’t in general cause alarm link

Raw meat food for dogs has lots of bacteria that can make you ill when the good boy licks you! link

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