Acute Pain Trajectories and Remote Pain Resolution

A secondary analysis of the Stanford Accelerated Recovery Trial assessed remote postoperative pain, opioid use, and recovery. The incidence of persistent postsurgical pain ranges from 10% to 50%, and 2% to 10% of patients report severe, chronic pain after surgery.

The study assessed high and low pain clusters in the first 10 days in a mixed surgical cohort. Numerous pain and other scores were administered. The authors identified worst pain over the past 24 hours reported on postoperative day 10 as a significant immediate postoperative predictor of remote pain resolution, opioid cessation, and complete surgical recovery.

The implications are summarized: “Ultimately, early identification of high-risk patients would facilitate personalized care with closer follow-up, earlier referral for specialist care, and extension of multimodal pain regimens”.

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