Second Generation Drug Eluting Stents and Surgery

Non-cardiac elective surgery after placement of coronary stents is performed after time guidelines delineated previously (eg. link ).

Second generation drug eluting stents were reviewed in medical records in this study. The rates of major adverse cardiac events were 17.1%, 10.0%, 0.0%, and 3.1% for patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery at 0–90, 91–180, 181–365, and ≥366 days, respectively. 

The rate of excessive surgical bleeding was 6.7% with the highest observed rate in those on dual antiplatelet therapy although not statistically significant compared to those not receiving dual antiplatelet therapy in the 7 days before surgery, although numbers were small.

The important takeaway is that 180 days (6 months) is still a reasonable minimum before elective non-cardiac surgery for those on dual antiplatelet therapy.

Full details are discussed, along with comparisons to various guidelines at the link.

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