Medical and Health News Weekly

First HIV-HIV organ transplant link

Numerous non-surgical brain stimulation techniques are alternative or add-on treatments for adults with major depressive episodes link

The latest craze with zero evidence, and potential harm – intravenous vitamins link

China to tighten regulation of Fentanyl-like substances link

FDA investigating potential vaping link to seizures in young people link

Nova Scotia to become first in North America with ‘presumed consent’ to organ donation unless an opt-out link

Poor diet killing more than cigarettes. 1 in 5 deaths from diets too low in whole grains, fruit, nuts, seeds and vegetable intake and too high in salt link

Dozens of women sue California hospital for secretly recording their surgeries link

New York lawsuit highlights the growing promotion of unproven stem cell therapies link

Sales of Biocell textured breast implants, linked to rare lymphoma, could soon be suspended by Health Canada link

HPV vaccine has almost wiped out cervical pre-cancer in Scotland. Yes, vaccines work and save lives link

Yet another study shows no benefit from light drinking – increased stroke risk from a drink a day link

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