Medical & Health News Weekly

Measles as the comeback kid continues and spurs mandatory vaccination in NY link

The measles and anti-vaxxers issue needs concerted action link

Don’t waste your money on ineffective vitamins and supplements in lieu of a healthy diet link

Bawa Garba to be allowed return to practice under supervision link

Too much of a good thing – or buying into unfounded hype – kidney failure from excessive Vitamin D link

Another lawsuit in the opioid saga, this time against Indivior for its Suboxone Film marketing link

Can AC electrical trans-cranial brain stimulation boost memory? link

American Academy of Pediatrics and others have now succeeded in getting Fisher-Price baby sleeper recalled due to links to 32 infant deaths link

Concerns are growing globally about drug resistant ‘superbug’ fungus Candida auris link

Laws, prescribing limits lead to dramatic opioid prescription fall but FDA warns on need to taper and not stop abruptly link

Stress related disorders are robustly associated with multiple types of cardiovascular disease link

Ebola in Congo not a global public health emergency, says WHO. Not yet anyway… link

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