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Measles as the comeback kid continues and spurs mandatory vaccination in NY link

The measles and anti-vaxxers issue needs concerted action link

Don’t waste your money on ineffective vitamins and supplements in lieu of a healthy diet link

Bawa Garba to be allowed return to practice under supervision link

Too much of a good thing – or buying into unfounded hype – kidney failure from excessive Vitamin D link

Another lawsuit in the opioid saga, this time against Indivior for its Suboxone Film marketing link

Can AC electrical trans-cranial brain stimulation boost memory? link

American Academy of Pediatrics and others have now succeeded in getting Fisher-Price baby sleeper recalled due to links to 32 infant deaths link

Concerns are growing globally about drug resistant ‘superbug’ fungus Candida auris link

Laws, prescribing limits lead to dramatic opioid prescription fall but FDA warns on need to taper and not stop abruptly link

Stress related disorders are robustly associated with multiple types of cardiovascular disease link

Ebola in Congo not a global public health emergency, says WHO. Not yet anyway… link

Medical and Health News Weekly

First HIV-HIV organ transplant link

Numerous non-surgical brain stimulation techniques are alternative or add-on treatments for adults with major depressive episodes link

The latest craze with zero evidence, and potential harm – intravenous vitamins link

China to tighten regulation of Fentanyl-like substances link

FDA investigating potential vaping link to seizures in young people link

Nova Scotia to become first in North America with ‘presumed consent’ to organ donation unless an opt-out link

Poor diet killing more than cigarettes. 1 in 5 deaths from diets too low in whole grains, fruit, nuts, seeds and vegetable intake and too high in salt link

Dozens of women sue California hospital for secretly recording their surgeries link

New York lawsuit highlights the growing promotion of unproven stem cell therapies link

Sales of Biocell textured breast implants, linked to rare lymphoma, could soon be suspended by Health Canada link

HPV vaccine has almost wiped out cervical pre-cancer in Scotland. Yes, vaccines work and save lives link

Yet another study shows no benefit from light drinking – increased stroke risk from a drink a day link

Medical and Health News Weekly

FDA approves Sunosi™ (solriamfetol) to improve wakefulness in adult patients with excessive daytime sleepiness associated with narcolepsy or obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) link

FDA reviews breast implant safety link

Hundreds of lawsuits against Purdue owners, Sackler family, for creating opioid epidemic with OxyContin link

Meanwhile Purdue settles first opioid lawsuit in Oklahoma for $270M link

And yet another fraud lawsuit in New York against – yes, them again, Sackler family and Purdue Pharma link

Hype on advances in male contraceptive pill, but a long way off still link

Congo’s Ebola epidemic has now exceeded 1,000 cases link

FDA working with Medtronic to address cyber security concerns in cardiac devices link

Parent-toddler interaction better with print books compared to electronic books link

Ontario court has ordered Correctional Service Canada to pay tens of millions of dollars for placing thousands of mentally ill prisoners in solitary confinement link

A New York county has declared a state of emergency and banned unvaccinated children from public areas, as the measles returns alongside anti-vaccination quackery link

Life expectancy and being poor – poverty kills earlier, worsening in women link

Study likens a glass of wine a day to about a cigarette per day in terms of cancer risk link

FDA proposes a rule to notify women about risks of cancer and imprecise mammograms in those with dense breasts link

The woman who feels no pain due to genetics may help to develop pain and other treatments link

Medical & Health News Weekly

New cardiovascular disease prevention guidelines downgrade routine aspirin link

While professional misconduct allegations against anti-vaccination chiropractors have been in the news, their regulators in the College of Chiropractors of Ontario have espoused similar views link

What is it with chiropractors and anti-vaccination quackery – similar concerns about failure to self regulate in BC, Canada link

Meanwhile homeopathic quackery is still available on the shelves, including pharmacies, and no it does not work like vaccination does, so why does Health Canada license these ‘nosodes’? link

The British Medical Journal will no longer carry ads for breastmilk substitutes link

In patients with severe aortic stenosis at low surgical risk, the rate of the composite of death, stroke, or rehospitalization at 1 year was significantly lower with Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) than with surgery link

FDA approves first treatment for post-partum depression, Zulresso (brexanolone), given and monitored in hospital over 60 hours link

Jury in US agrees that weed killer glyphosate (Roundup) a factor in mans cancer link

Cannabis linked to psychosis, yet again link

In young people with ADHD, new-onset psychosis occurred in approximately 1 in 660 patients, twice as common with amphetamine compared to methylphenidate link

Medical and Health News Weekly

A moderate level of muscular strength is associated with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes link

Smoking during pregnancy doubles the risk of sudden unexpected infant death link

Canada won’t be funding homeopathy aid for Honduras any more link

Johnson & Johnson (them again!) accused of being an opioid “kingpin” link

And $29 Million asbestos talc mesothelioma award against – you guessed it – Johnson & Johnson link

Protecting children from anti-vaccination ignorance – No vaccine, no school in Italy link

Amazon joins the battle against autism cure quackery and vaccination misinformation link

Long before tobacco companies diversified into vaping, they used their industry to promote sugary drinks (Hawaiian Punch, Kool-Aid, Capri Sun, Tang) link

A wishy-washy half hearted FDA draft for controlling flavoured e-cigarettes linkh

Butterball recalls 39 tons of ground turkey after Salmonella cases link

Eggs are bad again for cardiovascular disease and mortality. Looks like they’ll have to be an occasional indulgence. Observational study, self reported data… link

Medical and Health News Weekly

Delayed antibiotics for UTIs in the elderly increases blood stream infection and mortality link

Robotic surgery warning – not approved for cancer surgery link

Combining Aspirin and anticoagulants increases bleeding risk; many taking Aspirin for no clear indication link

Stem cell transplant patient ‘free’ of HIV; too early to say ‘cured’ link

A Danish study looks at MMR vaccination in nearly 700,000 kids, including so-called susceptible ones – there is no link to autism! link

Professional soccer players are twice as likely to develop ALS and 2 decades earlier link

Amid criticism, Eli Lilly to sell cheaper generic Humalog Insulin in US only – for a mere US$137 per vial (while Canadians complain of having to pay $25!) link

Post menopausal systemic hormone replacement linked to slightly higher Alzheimer’s risk (but not with vaginal estradiol). Previous studies show its safe when begun early and in those less than 60. Case control study that shouldn’t in general cause alarm link

Raw meat food for dogs has lots of bacteria that can make you ill when the good boy licks you! link

Medical and Health News Weekly

Have you had your health checkup? Highly unlikely to benefit your health or lifespan link

Manitoba added to the list of syphilis outbreaks on the continent link

Facebook to tackle vaccination misinformation. Perhaps it will also stop violating your privacy some day… link

Acetaminophen (Paracetamol) has only minimal effects on pain and function in osteoarthritis of the knee or hip link

Thermography is not cleared by the FDA as an alternative to mammography and should not replace mammography for breast cancer screening or diagnosis link

Tackling inappropriate Oxycodone prescribing in Australia link

Sunscreen ingredients’ safety little known, FDA to update regulations link

Fecal immunochemical tests (FIT) have moderate to high sensitivity for colorectal carcinoma link

Watching television for more than three-and-a-half hours a day could leave adults with a deteriorating memory. Association not necessarily causation! link

Adolescents are more likely to feel depressed and self-harm, and are less likely to get a full night’s sleep, than 10 years ago link

A cautionary note on the widespread promotion of probiotics link

Medical and Health News Weekly

Health Canada catches up with recommendation to avoid opioid-containing (eg Codeine) cough and cold meds in kids link

Girls’ pain seen as less credible link

No, getting young blood or plasma infused will not prevent Alzheimer’s, FDA agrees link

Rapid sepsis diagnosis test hyped in media, despite absence of clinical trials (and a researcher hoping to attract funding) link

A plea to stop suggesting cannabis as an unsupported panacea for everything, like the opioid crisis link

A hip replacement can be expected to last 25 years in around 58% of patients, and about three-quarters of hip replacements last 15–20 years link

Shoulder replacement surgery failure rate and complex revision is on the other hand higher than expected link

Can Facebook curtail anti-vaccination misinformation or do quacks have freedom of speech? link

Pinterest acts to curtail anti-vaccination posts link

USPSTF recommends that clinicians provide or refer pregnant and postpartum persons who are at increased risk of perinatal depression to counseling interventions link

Acupuncture recommended as an option for menopausal symptoms link

Medical and Health News Weekly

Some light exercise may help in concussion recovery link

Ultra-processed food linked to increased mortality link

eCigarette use in youths has erased recent years’ gains in tobacco use reduction link

Warning on rare lymphoma in breast implant patients link

Teenager cannabis use linked to depression in young adults link

Women with hip fracture less likely to receive geriatric or anesthesia consultation link

FDA issues warning letters to companies making false claims about dementia treatments and cures link

Glyphosate (eg. Roundup) again linked to non-Hodgkins lymphoma link

Panel recommends approval of esketamine nasal spray for resistant depression. Concerns exist… link

2019 child and adolescent immunization schedule released link

Medical and Health News Weekly

Only 5% of teens get enough sleep link

Obesity-related cancers on the rise in young people link

Netflix gives Gwyeth Paltrow a docuseries with her GOOP brand. You might also prefer to be guided by medical and scientific expertise link

Counterfeit Xanax linked to many deaths link

Surgery not recommended for subacromial pain (rotator cuff disease) link

Oral antibiotic therapy was noninferior to intravenous antibiotic therapy when used during the first 6 weeks for complex orthopedic infection link

Compounded pain creams are no better than placebo creams link

Tobacco-naive youths who initiate e-cigarettes may be at greater risk of subsequently initiating cigarette smoking link

European measles cases highest in decade link