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Some light exercise may help in concussion recovery link

Ultra-processed food linked to increased mortality link

eCigarette use in youths has erased recent years’ gains in tobacco use reduction link

Warning on rare lymphoma in breast implant patients link

Teenager cannabis use linked to depression in young adults link

Women with hip fracture less likely to receive geriatric or anesthesia consultation link

FDA issues warning letters to companies making false claims about dementia treatments and cures link

Glyphosate (eg. Roundup) again linked to non-Hodgkins lymphoma link

Panel recommends approval of esketamine nasal spray for resistant depression. Concerns exist… link

2019 child and adolescent immunization schedule released link

Medical and Health News Weekly

Only 5% of teens get enough sleep link

Obesity-related cancers on the rise in young people link

Netflix gives Gwyeth Paltrow a docuseries with her GOOP brand. You might also prefer to be guided by medical and scientific expertise link

Counterfeit Xanax linked to many deaths link

Surgery not recommended for subacromial pain (rotator cuff disease) link

Oral antibiotic therapy was noninferior to intravenous antibiotic therapy when used during the first 6 weeks for complex orthopedic infection link

Compounded pain creams are no better than placebo creams link

Tobacco-naive youths who initiate e-cigarettes may be at greater risk of subsequently initiating cigarette smoking link

European measles cases highest in decade link

Medical and Health News Weekly

The risk of infective endocarditis related to injection drug use is increasing and is temporally associated with increasing prescriptions for hydromorphone link

For infants at high risk for allergic disease, it is now recommended that commonly allergenic solids be introduced at around 6 months of age, but not before 4 months of age link

Washington State declares emergency – measles outbreak. You’ll recall we all used to be vaccinated against measles before quackery took precedence over science link

There may be a cognitive benefit to reducing blood pressure, although the link to dementia not clear link

Please avoid kissing your hedgehog who could have a bad Salmonella link

Excessive toddler screen time can impinge on children’s ability to develop optimally link

E-cigarettes were more effective for smoking cessation than nicotine-replacement therapy, when both products were accompanied by behavioral support link

Eat breakfast but it may not help you to lose weight as often suggested link

Stethoscopes teeming with bacterial DNA! link

Dietary supplements for brain health are a multi billion dollar industry based on pseudoscience and dodgy predatory journals link

Injuries associated with standing electric scooter use are a new phenomenon and vary in severity link

Being absent from school too often, excused or not, can put a child’s academic achievement—and future health—at risk link

Medical and Health News Weekly

Looks like urologists are big over-prescribers of antibiotics link

Just when studies had questioned aspirin primary prevention benefits, a new meta-analysis says: in individuals without cardiovascular disease, the use of aspirin was associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular events but an increased risk of major bleeding link

And it’s here, the new Canada Food Guide. It stops short of advocating vegan diets, just about! link

The potential role of pharmaceutical industry marketing in contributing to opioid prescribing and mortality from overdoses merits ongoing examination… link

No spanking, hitting, or slapping to discipline children. The American Academy of Pediatrics says it doesn’t work and may harm link

The ‘gene-editing’ scientist in China is fired link

Johnson & Johnson to pay $120M for falsely advertising and misrepresentation of their metal hip implant’s durability (you’ll remember them for vaginal mesh and asbestos baby powder lawsuits) link

Fried food associated with increased all cause mortality link

Immigrant status was an independent predictor of inadequate prenatal care, coinciding with anti-immigrant rhetoric in US link

New ADA guidelines for Diabetes care in hospital link

There is increased risk of death following application of paclitaxel‐coated balloons and stents in the femoropopliteal artery of the lower limbs. FDA investigating link

Medical and Health News Weekly

Lower sleeping times and fragmented sleep are independently associated with an increased risk of subclinical multiterritory atherosclerosis link

1 in 5 develop persisting back pain, various back pain trajectories described along with disability, depression, comorbidities and opioid/antidepressant use link

Vitamin D in elderly may be safe but bone mineral density did not improve link

1 in 10 US adults have a food allergy, although 1 in 5 believed themselves to have one link

Inappropriate antibiotics used in at least 1 in 4 link

More plants and less meat recommended again link

How to help the 30% of youths who develop anxiety link

Odds of dying from opioid overdose now surpass motor vehicle rates in US link

Anaerobically prepared fecal microbiota transplantation may be effective in treating ulcerative colitis, but further research is needed to assess longer-term efficacy and safety link

Anti-vaxxers a leading threat to health link

Medical and Health News Weekly

Children still receive inadequate pain relief link

There are economic consequences for patients and families after cardiac and stroke events in terms of loss of employment and earnings link

GoFundMe crowdfunding is going to bogus and useless alternative treatments link

Genetic testing popularity now extends to individualized diet and weight loss – totally unproven use for such tests link

Draft of upcoming Canadian Food Guide to emphasize fruits, vegetables and whole grains, include plant-based protein, and upset the meat, dairy, processed food and beverage industry link

After decades of progress, US seeing a dramatic rise in sexually transmitted infections link

Transdermal treatment was the safest type of hormone replacement therapy when risk of venous thromboembolism was assessed link

Common medications like statins, calcium channel blockers and biguanides associated with reduced psychiatric hospitalization in those with mental illness, not necessarily causal link

Eat at least 25-30g fibre daily to decrease cardiovascular, diabetic, hypertensive diseases, cholesterol, cancers…but not much to recommend low-carb link

Influenza taking a serious toll on children link

Drug overdose deaths from prescription and illicit drugs in middle aged women sharply increasing link

Medical and Health News Weekly

Ebola virus still not controlled in DRC link

Mediterranean diet is the best one! link

Genetic basis why males with glioblastoma fare worse link

Experts again warn of cannabis induced psychosis link

Doctors write social prescriptions for loneliness, depression and anxiety link

Brain dead woman that spurs legal battle to keep on life support dies link

“Southern Diet” is a big reason for the racial gap in hypertension link

AMA warns of direct-to-consumer genetic and other tests – false negatives and positives, non-evidence based and non-guideline based link

Systematic review finds no strong evidence that non-sugar sweeteners have any health outcome benefits link

Fentanyl test strips to ensure your cocaine and heroin are uncontaminated – controversial link

Medical and Health News Weekly

Dogs help children having MRIs link

Flu season and children are bearing the brunt link

Thailand legalizes medical cannabis link

Cochrane review: no evidence that any vitamin or mineral supplementation strategy for cognitively healthy adults in mid or late life has a meaningful effect on cognitive decline or dementia link

Opioid poisoning in children and adolescents (largely unintentional) from prescription and illicit drugs is growing alarmingly in the US link

While “breakthroughs” is a fraught term in early research, the BBC summarizes major potential advances in medical science in 2018 link

Medical and Health News Weekly

Surgeon General in US declares vaping among youth an epidemic  link

Gently stroking babies provides pain relief  link

Overactive immune system may trigger ME – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  link

Dsuvia (sublingual Sufentanil) not recommended for pain in pregnancy, labor and delivery or post-partum  link

Driving and dementia guidelines from UK  link

Vaping company Juul stake bought by Altria (aka Philip Morris, cigarette giant). You may infer the meaning, as vaping is classed as epidemic link

FDA warns fluoroquinolone antibiotics can cause rare aortic aneurysm rupture and bleeding link

VA/Dept of Defence guidelines on managing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder link

FDA sends Genetech and others warnings about unapproved and potentially dangerous stem cell products link

Weekly Medical and Health News

A more flexible and patient focussed Canadian guideline on breast cancer screening  link

New CMA Code of Ethics  link

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass leads to the greatest weight loss, but sleeve gastrectomy has the lowest 30-day adverse event rate  link

First Nations children in Canada show higher pain indicators but see pain specialists less  link

Radical prostatectomy reduces mortality among men with clinically detected localized prostate cancer  link

Fentanyl surpasses Heroin as deadliest drug in US  link

Childhood trauma/abuse associated with psychosis in adolescents and young adults  link 

Johnson & Johnson reportedly knew for decades that there was asbestos tainting in their Baby Powder – now the cancer link lawsuits may make more sense  link

UK chain restaurants provide meals as bad nutritionally as fast food – including way more calories!  link