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For ADHD, methylphenidate in kids and amphetamines in adults  link

Bariatric surgery in diabetes associated with lower overall incidence of microvascular disease (including lower risk for neuropathy, nephropathy, and retinopathy) than usual care link

Induction at 39 weeks may reduce Cesarean rate  link

Sodium intake was associated with cardiovascular disease and strokes only in communities where mean intake was greater than 5 g/day – less restrictive appropriate?  link

Men who reported most frequently wearing boxers had higher sperm concentration and total count! link

Saudi medical trainees ordered home, will impact Canada link

After so much on too little sleep, too much – more than 8 hours – may be worse  link

Aim for healthy diets rather than merely dietary diversity  link

Notifying doctors of their patients’ overdose death reduces opioid prescribing  link


Medical News Weekly

EpiPen shortage in Canada continues link

Deadly Ebola virus returns in DRC  link

Mulpleta approved for surgery in liver disease to boost platelets  link

Drinking while breastfeeding can affect child’s cognition  link

Beware “vaginal rejuvenation” procedures!  link

Pathogens now even becoming resistant to alcohol based hand sanitation  link

Kids gluten free foods may be less healthful link

Rifampin for four months may be a better choice than nine months Isoniazid for latent TB in adults  link

– and also in children link

Should LDL cholesterol be lowered even more?  link

Depo-Medrol should not be used in epidurals. link


Medical News Weekly

Rapid rise in cirrhosis and liver cancer deaths in the US especially in the 25-34 year olds linked to alcohol.  link

Methotrexate ineffective for long term maintenance in ulcerative colitis  link

Cardiovascular Disease Population Risk Tool (CVDPoRT) based on sociodemographic and behavioural risks derived link

Low rates of osteoporosis treatment initiation after a hip fracture in recent years needs improving  link

The AAP expresses concern about food additives and child health, especially nitrates, nitrites, bisphenol and phthalates  link

Essure birth control to be no longer sold after reports of complications  link

Acupuncture associated with statistically significant reductions in aromatase inhibitor–related joint pain at 6 weeks in early breast cancer, although the magnitude of the improvement was of uncertain clinical importance  link

Trials on Sidenafil (Viagra) for intra-uterine grow retardation halted after deaths in babies  link


Medical News Weekly

Red meat consumption could be a risk factor for endometriosis  link

Y’all watch what you eat – Southern US Diet linked to higher mortality in heart disease  link

TPOXX (tecovirimat) approved for – smallpox!  Sign of the times with fear of bioterrorism  link

Heart failure higher in women, with different hospital admission rates and co-morbidities  link

Among women undergoing cervical cancer screening, the use of primary HPV testing compared with cytology (Pap) testing resulted in a significantly lower likelihood of CIN3+ at 48 months  link

There is little or no effect of omega 3 supplements on the risk of experiencing heart disease, stroke or death, despite the hype   link

Unhealthy lipid profiles reduce parity  link

High normal blood pressure (but below treatment  thresholds) associated with later dementia  link

Among adolescents followed up over 2 years, there was a statistically significant but modest association between higher frequency of digital media use and subsequent symptoms of ADHD. NOTE! further research is needed to determine whether this association is causal  link

Fecal occult blood associated with higher all cause mortality from cardiac, respiratory, digestive, neuropsychological, blood and endocrine diseases – and not just colorectal cancer  link


Medical News Weekly

LABAs do not confer extra risk in asthma – as long as they are combined with inhaled steroids  link

Patients prefer formal attire with white coat for primary care and hospital doctors – but scrubs for surgeons and ER docs (go figure!)   link

The use of surgical mesh for stress urinary incontinence is to be suspended immediately in the UK.  link

Multivitamins don’t improve cardiovascular outcomes. Use the money for healthy food!  link

Fluoroquinolones to carry warning re hypoglycemia and mental/cognitive effects  link

Possible increase in thromboembolism and stroke in transgender (trans feminine) people given estrogens link

Vaping nicotine products may not help smokers quit, despite their promotion as such  link

The USPSTF finds insufficient evidence to assess the balance of benefits and harms of adding the ABI, hsCRP level, or CAC score to traditional risk assessment for CVD in asymptomatic adults to prevent CVD events  link

To survive an in-hospital cardiac arrest, it helps to be white!  link

NSAIDS and anticoagulants concomitantly increase bleeding and stroke risks  Link

CDC warns of increasing deaths from Fentanyl and its analogs like Carfentanil whose potency may necessitate multiple doses of Naloxone  link

Low dose aspirin <100mg ineffective if over 70kg  link

Several Valsartan containing meds are recalled due to contamination  link


Weekly Medical News

Alcohol even in ‘safe’ doses linked to hypertension  link

Documented penicillin allergy associated with an increased risk of MRSA and C difficile that was mediated by the increased use of β lactam alternative antibiotics. False penicillin allergy is an epidemic!  link

Hormonal men? nonobese men with migraine exhibited increased levels of the sex hormone estradiol  link

Heat stable Carbetocin (not needing refrigeration) equivalent to Oxytocin in preventing hemorrhage after vaginal birth link

Continuity of care with same doctor is important and even lowers mortality  link

Will Amazon soon sell prescription drugs?  link

Losing nails from fish pedicure! (Or is it just high heels?!)  link

Apixaban for AFib was found to be the safest drug, with reduced risks of major, intracranial, and gastrointestinal bleeding compared with warfarin. Rivaroxaban and low dose apixaban were, however, associated with increased risks of all cause mortality compared with warfarin, unclear reasons  link

Alcohol shrinks your brain!  link

Dozens die from heat wave in Quebec province (they are probably better at recording it as such than other provinces)   link

Drink coffee. It may help you live longer!  link

Purdue suspends their opioid marketing in Canada. Such a caring company…  link

The FDA employs the best physician advisors that Big Pharma can buy   link

Medical News weekly

Epidiolex (cannabidiol) approved for rare epilepsy in US link

15% high schoolers report at least one sports related concussion  link

Maternal diabetes, Type 1 predominantly linked to increased autism link in offspring  link

C  Difficile infections decreasing in Canada link

Tamsulosin did not significantly increase the renal stone passage rate  link

Latest osteoporosis screening guidelines  link


Weekly Medical News

Marriage confers lower cardiovascular risk!  link

WHO declares compulsive video gaming an addictive behaviour disorder.  link

American Academy of Pediatrics condemns Border Security and Immigration Reform Act ‘s impact on children. link

Methadone and Buprenorphine reduce mortality after nonfatal opioid overdose  link

Generic Suboxone approved in US  link

Do viruses play a role in Alzheimer’s ?  link

NSAID use around conception was associated with increased risk of miscarriage link

High risk of death from  drug and many other causes  after non fatal opioid overdoses.  link


Weekly Medical News

Vitamin D supplementation may improve fetal and infant growth  link

Removal of adenoids or tonsils may possibly lead to higher long term infectious, respiratory and allergic illness  link

Long term albumin in decompensated cirrhosis may improve survival  link

CRISPR gene editing technology not quite ready for prime time as a potential for cancer found  link

Resistance exercise may reduce depression symptoms  link

Many common medications list depression as side effect  link

A clear (and sometimes not so clear) analysis of the entirety of dietary research and the connection of different diets and diet components to chronic disease  link

And a look at the evidence of the popular topic – microbiome or microbiota on health link

Bisphosphonates are overwhelmingly useful but an article discusses the risk of atypical femur fracture link

Psychedelic drugs may have a future role in mental illness and addiction  link


Health News Weekly

With tumour gene testing, many women with breast cancer may not need chemotherapy  link

1 in 5 deaths in 24-35 year olds in US involve opioids  link

Canadian guidelines – all born from 1945-1975 should be screened for Hepatitis C  link

Sugar sweetened sports drinks still an issue in adolescents, especially and in television watchers  link

MDMA facilitated psychotherapy may be useful in PTSD in controlled settings  link

In trauma, don’t delay calculating GCS – if not following commands, up-triage!  link

FDA warns on risks of liquid filled intra-gastric balloons  link

Suicide rates are increasing  link

Guideline on menopausal GU symptoms in women with or at high risk for breast cancer  link