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NHS in UK to offer 800 Calorie diet for Type 2 diabetes  link

ACOG:  “bed rest is not effective for the prevention of preterm birth & shouldn’t be routinely recommended  link

ASH guidelines on venous thromboembolism  link

Dementia is often misclassified when using brief cognitive assessments, largely due to test specific biases  link

Videolaryngoscopy beats direct in ED cardiac arrest  link

Live birth after uterus transplant from deceased donor  link

Sleeping too much associated with increased cardiovascular risk  link

Another instant all cancer detection test! Beyond the hype, it has never been used clinically or in humans  link

Hysterectomy may impair memory. But the study is in a rat model link

Medical & Health News Weekly

1 in 40 US children have Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis, per parents link

Trazodone is not a uniformly safer alternative to atypical antipsychotics, given the similar risk of falls and fractures among older adults with dementia  link

Biocell textured breast implants under scrutiny link

Faulty medical implants are harming patients globally due to poor regulations link

Unpublished (and unverified) reports of gene edited babies in China causing deep ethical concerns  link

China suspends same gene editing scientists link

Life expectancy down again in US driven by drug overdose and suicides link


Medical & Health News Weekly

Ontario plans to re-introduce sick notes for short term illness, neither doctors nor patients benefit  link

Oral immunotherapy promising for peanut allergy  link

There is a negligible risk of sexually transmitting HIV when an HIV-positive sex partner adheres to antiretroviral therapy and maintains a suppressed viral load of less than 200 copies/mL on consecutive measurements every 4 to 6 months  link

US doctors return fire against NRA  link

FDA warns that when the multiple sclerosis (MS) medicine Gilenya (fingolimod) is stopped, the disease can become much worse than before, even with permanent disability  link

Omega-3 fats may reduce premature birth link

Parents may be just responding to child’s natural genetic eating tendencies and are not simply the cause of their child’s obesity  link

Warning on E. Coli from romaine lettuce from US also applies to Canada, source likely California  link

Carpal Tunnel syndrome steroid injection superior to splinting link

Probiotics don’t help gastroenteritis in children  link


Medical & Health News Weekly

Marine omega fatty acids don’t prevent cardiovascular events or cancer  link

Vitamin D supplementation doesn’t prevent cardiovascular disease or cancer  link

(But just to confuse the issue, some headlines putting a positive spin using less significant secondary outcomes  on Vit D and Fish oils!)

Cholesterol 2018 guidelines made simple (!)  link

Juul to stop selling most flavoured e-cigarettes link

e-cigarette use is epidemic in US high and middle schoolers – 3.6 Million of them! Experts demand stronger action from FDA  link

Intraaortic Balloon Pump has no effect on mortality in a six year follow up in myocardial infarction with cardiogenic shock  link

US recommendations for screening all over age 18 for unhealthy alcohol use, including pregnant, and offer brief behavioural counselling  link

FDA warns on intrathecal (spinal) implanted pain pumps prone to pump failures, unapproved drugs or dosing errors  link

SGLT2 Inhibitors in diabetes appear to have beneficial effects on cardiac failure hospitalizations and progression of renal disease link


Weekly Medical & Health News

FDA approves Dsuvia (sublingual Sufentanil, or Dzuveo), new opioid formulation widely criticized by experts  link

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against spanking, yelling or shaming which is associated with negative behavioral, cognitive, psychosocial, and emotional outcomes for children link

Still too many tonsillectomies in UK. link

Short interpregnancy intervals appear to be associated with increased risks for adverse pregnancy outcomes  link

Dietary salt restriction for heart failure is very poorly supported by evidence  link

Young adults (under 40 years) with hypertension may be at increased risk of cardiovascular disease, even stage 1 hypertension (systolic blood pressure, 130-139 mm Hg or diastolic blood pressure, 80-89 mm Hg)   link

The NRA takes aim at doctors who counsel patients on gun safety and its perception as a public health crisis  link


Medical and Health News Weekly

German nurse was a prolific serial killer  link

Ultrasound ovarian cancer screening does not reduce mortality in average risk women, despite what Ellen show celebrity guests say  link

Oral curcumin (turmeric) shows no anti inflammatory or other benefits in elective abdominal aortic aneurysm surgery link

Air pollution is a serious health threat and world killer link

Bowel cancer increasing in young, obesity one potential mechanism link

Lavender really has anti-anxiety properties  link

There are no limits to how beneficial exercise is for mortality link

Memory and cognitive function in adolescents improves after cannabis abstinence link

Obesity linked to higher all-cause mortality; low BMI also linked to mortality but in a less clear fashion  link

Some researchers believe Parkinsons linked to gut, appendix in particular  link

Minimally invasive radical hysterectomy was surprisingly associated with lower rates of disease-free survival and overall survival than open abdominal radical hysterectomy among women with early-stage cervical cancer  link

Older fathers (> 45 years old) linked to higher gestational diabetes, prematurity, low birth weight and infant seizures link


Weekly Medical and Health News

Opioids killing more than  AIDS at peak epidemic link

Polio-like acute flaccid paralysis appearing in Canada, cause not certain, presumed viral  link

Pre-eclampsia linked to later dementia risk  link

Exercise in pregnancy can reduce complications (unless contraindications)  link

New flu drug Xofluza approved in US but debatable if any better than Tamiflu – and no substitute for vaccination  link

Could ACE Inhibitors increase lung cancer risk?  link

Heart attacks linked to cold weather as well as low sunshine, low atmospheric pressure and high winds  link

Use oxygen judiciously – too much can harm  link

Higher cortisol (linked to stress) associated with impaired memory in younger to middle aged, especially women link

Weekly Medical and Health News

HPV vaccine fear-mongering dealt a blow – no increase in risky behaviours after vaccination  link

Rivaroxaban approved for reducing cardiovascular risks in coronary artery or peripheral vascular disease  link

Medicinal cannabinoids offer limited benefit in Multiple Sclerosis. But cannabis thrives on hype rather than evidence!   link

Cannabis becomes legal in Canada link

Acute flaccid paralysis, or myelitis, affecting many US children in polio-like illness  link

Aspirin use in healthy elderly persons did not prolong disability-free survival over a period of 5 years but led to a higher rate of major hemorrhage than placebo  link

Cannabis and tobacco products frequent in hip-hop music videos, and may be negatively influencing youths  link

Major cardiac stem cell paper retraction from Harvard and Brigham and Women’s  due to falsified and/or fabricated papers from Dr. Anversa  link

Potential link between cannabis and stroke presented  link

Most older people open to reducing number of medications and de-prescribing  link

Tamoxifen in early breast cancer increases risk of thromboembolism  link

High urate levels that often precede gout are more genetic based than dietary  link


Medical News Weekly

Pelvic floor muscle training helps urinary incontinence in women  link

Vitamin D does not prevent fractures or falls in community dwelling adults   link

Canadian Medical Association quits World Medical Association over plagiarism by new president  link

Physical therapy as effective as the still commonly performed surgery for knee non-obstructive  menisceal tears  link

Antibiotics a reasonable option for uncomplicated appendicitis – 5 year figures  link

While Vitamin D keeps falling short in evidence, Zoledronate is shown to reduce fractures in older women  link

Delayed pushing in the second stage of labor has no impact on delivery  link

American Academy of Family Physicians breaks from AMA with “engaged neutrality” policy, and no longer opposes physician-assisted suicide, also preferring the term medical aid in dying  link

Inadequate sleep in adolescents linked to numerous risky behaviours for mental health, accidents, self harm and substance misuse link

Global Cesarean rate alarmingly high (or too low in some countries)  link

If you’re one of the 1-in-2 adults taking dietary ‘supplements’, some 800 supplements contain unapproved ingredients, often powerful and potentially dangerous prescription medicines  link




Medical and Health News Weekly

For female nursing home residents who underwent breast cancer surgery, 30-day mortality and survival as well as 1-year mortality and functional decline were high; consider co-morbidity, quality of life before surgery link

Aspirin use in healthy elderly persons did not prolong disability-free survival over a period of 5 years but led to a higher rate of major hemorrhage link

Can household disinfectants increase childhood weight ?  link

Dentists in B.C. Canada using too many antibiotics  link

First face transplant in Canada link

Infant walkers were banned in Canada but still cause many injuries in the US  link

Canada bans trans fats. link

American Academy of Pediatrics issues  gender-affirmative model of developmentally appropriate care oriented toward understanding and appreciating the gender experience of all youth  link

Omega-3 fats may help anxiety modestly  link

Yogurt, perceived as healthy, often hides too much sugar  link

Cancer transmitted to 4 recipients from single multi-organ donor in rare case  link